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Malevolence - A feature film about a group of friends who go missing in the woods and encounter extreme horrors.


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    For Lauren and Richard, it is to be a day to be remembered; Richard is finally going to ask her to marry him. To make it extra special and romantic, Richard plans to surprise Lauren with a picnic in the woods with champagne, where he will pop the question. A quiet and secluded spot that he and his close friends David and Andrew used to play around as kids. He enlists their help, along with Laurenís best friend Rachel, to plan the big surprise.

    MalevolenceThings begin to go wrong when he is about to propose to her, then discovers that he has left the ring behind in the car. He dashes back to find it, then along with the others returns to pledge his undying love to Lauren. However, she has disappeared when they return. They decide to split up and all go looking for her, as she canít be too far away.

    Her mobile phone is found, but contains terrible video footage of her that leaves the others in no doubt that she is in terrible danger. This is only the beginning of worse things to come.

    In these lonely woods, they stumble across the worse kind of evil in the form of a fanatical ranger. He has decided that these young people are going down the wrong track in life, and that it is his duty to re-educate them, and to teach them respect. So begins their subjection to extreme horrors and torture as he tries to correct their behaviour, with the help of his only son.


    This project is currently in pre-production.

    Horror Movie

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