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The Ghost of Crowley Hall final poster, used in conjuntion with the DVD artwork and advertising.


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    'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' Reviews and Publicity

    Movie Review by

    'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' chronicles the investigation of one of Britainís most haunted halls. The investigation stared back in early 2007, when Arron Kasady began conducting tests by taking photographs. Those photographs produced strange images in certain rooms in the building. Kasady, then began to conduct a full investigation on the haunting of Crowley Hall in May of 2007. During that time, he brought a team of Ghost hunters. The team was comprised of a parapsychologist, a spiritual medium, a journalist and a film crew. They spend two nights at this place. During that time, the team conduced various experiments that were done in order to provoke paranormal activity throughout the building. But things didnít go right for Arron Kasady and his team, as they had to abort the investigation.

    Now fast-forward to August of 2007, Arron Kasady and his team of ghost hunters returned to Crowley Hall to continue where they left off in their investigations. Both attempts are the basis for this film.

    Iím one of those people that usually donít see many of these ghost shows like 'Ghost Hunters' and 'Paranormal State' because I donít put too much stock into the existence of ghosts, until I watched this film. I was frightened at times with 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall'. Maybe the reason I was scared during this documentary, was the fact that this event really took place.

    Director Daren Marc does a very good job in documenting the failed attempts that Arron Kasady and his team had. Marc doesnít inject himself too much into the film unless he was asked to by Kasady. The teamís frightening moments were captured very well. There were a few dead spots there and here, but itís supposed to happen in a documented investigation like this. I liked how Marc also adds interviews before the attempts, as he gets a sense of what the main players in the investigation were going through in their minds before entering the haunted halls.

    If there is one problem, I had with 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall', it was the fact that Daren Marc didnít tie up the film with some closing thoughts from Arron Kasady. It would've helped giving a little closure to what was happening with him and the team afterwards, but you can find more in the bonus interview with Kasady, which is located in the bonus features section.

    The end result was 'The Ghosts of Crowley Hall' made me believe that ghosts really do exist. Also, I highly recommend this film particularly to fans of the paranormal series that I mentioned in the opening of my review.

    - Review by

    Movie Review by AngryPrincess

    The Paranormal has always fascinated me. Whether it be as a child when it terrified me, or as an adult where it became an obsession to prove to myself that there was something after life besides just death. Have I personally ever found anything concreteÖnot really. Only a few what if's made it to me. Today in our world the paranormal is almost like having a second language, everyone delves in it. I have gone to countless cemeteries, abandoned buildings and mental asylums and all I ever manage to get were dust orbs, a few unexplained glowing orbs, and an incident that caused me to run like the wind out of that place, and Iíll never forget it.

    Crowley Hall was built in the 19th century and served as a hospital. Then from the 1920-1930ís Dr. Leys and his wife Beatrice took over and it became a place for the criminally insane. Dr. Leys was noted as being a key figure in creating new treatments for mental illness in Northern England. Some say Dr. Leys liked to perform sadistic experiments on the more violent patients. It is stated that Leys' death was from a heart attack but insiders knew better and spoke of an operation gone wrong in which Dr. Leys ended up a victim of the patient he was treating. I guess he should have tied those restraints a tad tighter and he wouldnít have ended up stabbed in the neck.

    'The Ghosts Of Crowley Hall' is a documentary Arron Kasady and a team of other experts set out with a vengeance to make and you see their determination as well as many parts of this old historic building. When the team holds a sťance things start to get interesting and are visited first by a man named Alfred and then by a spirit believed to be Leys himself. If you like shows like 'Ghost Hunters' or if you like old abandoned buildings like me this film is for you. It was a little hard to hear some of the reaction bangs but none the less it was exciting to watch. I sincerely hope they go back and see what other things they can find out about this amazing historic place!

    7/10 - Review by AngryPrincess (Horror Society, Dread Central)

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